New Case Study | The Oaks | 339% ROI | 42% IRR

  Creative Realty Partners acquired the The Oaks, a 148 unit apartment complex in Balch Springs, TX, in December of 2014. A $954,600 rehab budget (included in the initial acquisition financing) was allocated for interior, exterior, and amenity improvements. The capital improvements were completed within the first 18 months of ownership and facilitated raising rents to market, tapering expenses, and increasing the… Read more »

Tampa Economy Continues to Grow at a Brisk Pace

Tampa | MULTIFAMILY OUTLOOK | December 2017 (download full PDF report here) OVERVIEW The Tampa economy continued to grow at a brisk pace in September 2017 . A growing local economy is in line with growing rental rates, which are expected to rise along with new housing demand. Vacancies are expected to decrease as newly… Read more »

Creative Realty Partners Adds 399 Units to Their Multifamily Portfolio

Creative Realty Partners is pleased to announce the addition of two multifamily properties to their portfolio of over 2,300 units. By implementing a full capital improvement plan, CRP will transform the properties and enhance the overall value proposition for renters and the local communities.   The Plaza Apartments A 281-units apartment community located in Jacksonville,… Read more »

Jacksonville Continues to Grow – With a Job Growth Rate of 3.9%

JACKSONVILLE | MULTIFAMILY OUTLOOK | AUGUST 2017 (Download full PDF here) OVERVIEW Jacksonville continues to grow – with a job growth rate of 3.9% bolstered by “nearshoring,” Amazon and BMW, are creating 4,000 jobs and are opening new facilities in Jacksonville in 2017. A growing local economy is in line with growing rental rates, which… Read more »

Just Acquired: Reserve at Lake Buchanan, Cortez Plaza, and La Bella Palms

CREATIVE REALTY PARTNERS is pleased to announce Three Recent Multifamily Acquisitions Over the past 5 years, Los Angeles-based Creative Realty Partners has acquired more than 3,400 multifamily units in Texas and Florida. The company is pleased to announce the recent closing of three multifamily acquisitions. Creative Realty Partners intends to implement a full capital improvement plan… Read more »

Jacksonville Multifamily Market Looking Strong

Jacksonville is enjoying very promising growth prospects for the rest of 2017 according to the latest multifamily market research. Benefitting from ongoing employment growth, a relatively low cost of living and stable weather, the area is continually drawing in new permanent residents and promoting demand for apartments and real estate. The top three areas of… Read more »

How CRP Avoids Capital Calls

When investing, you want a favorable return. Every time you get a capital call, your return decreases.   What Is a Capital Call? A capital call is when an investment company contacts investors asking for additional capital. These calls can take place when an investment company underestimates their budgets or when unforeseen capital expenses arise.  … Read more »

Creative Realty Partners Rolls Out Their New Online Investor Platform

Creative Realty Partners has partnered with Investor Management Services to bring it’s capital partners, as well as prospective investors a new, streamlined, online investment management service. What does this mean for you? As a current capital partner you are now able to log in to the investor platform, view all of your current and past… Read more »

Forced Appreciation: What It Is and How to Take Advantage of It

Most people are familiar with appreciation—a value increase over time—but what does forced appreciation mean and how could it be benefit your investment approach? This article will help you understand these things a little better and help you to find opportunities for forced appreciation in your investments.   What Is Forced Appreciation? In commercial real estate,… Read more »