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Multi-Family Investments: Tax Benefits

Investing in multi-family properties can bring many financial rewards. Any additional income from rent, beyond what you need to cover the mortgage, can be used to better the properties or invest in additional rental properties. Aside from the additional income, investing in multi-family housing can bring some extensive tax benefits as well. Talk to your… Read more »

3 Investing Principles to Keep in Mind

Whether you are joining a full service real estate investing syndication or investing in other assets, there are fundamental principles that every investor must follow to be successful. Warren Buffet has come up with nuggets of wisdom for many years as a successful investor. These 3 tips from him will ring true as you invest… Read more »

Creatively Increasing Income and Property Value

In the last few years the rental market has seen a tremendous increase in rental demand. Between millennials that do not want a 30 year commitment and empty-nesters that are down-sizing and do not want the headache and the responsibility of owning their residence, the rental market has turned into more than just temporary housing;… Read more »